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Group Plans Reliance Nippon Life Group Credit Assure Plan
Reliance Group Credit Assure Plan is designed to meet the needs of employer-employee and Non employer-employee groups like - Banks and Financial Institutions, Societies and non financial institutions, Micro-Finance institutions providing loans in rural or social sector. The most common type of loans that are covered under this plan is Home Loans, Education Loans, Car Loans, Commercial Vehicle Loans & Business Loans, Personal Loans and Loans against assets.


  • Get protection against repayment of loan liability by the nominee / legal heir in the event of death of the Life Assured/member
  • Protect the co-borrower in case of joint loans
  • Enjoy life cover during moratorium period of loan
  • Flexibility
  • Choose between Level (for Interest only loans) or Reducing cover
  • Opt for either single or limited premium payment
  • Convenience
  • Enjoy a hassle-free enrollment and decide your premium payment frequency