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Wealth Plans MetLife Mera Wealth Plan
A unit- linked wealth and savings plan that enables you to create a financial blueprint for your goals at every stage in life. PNB MetLife's Unit Linked Insurance Plans or ULIP helps you achieve your financial goals along with a life insurance cover for the financial security of your loved ones.


  • Create your own wealth plan
  • Self-managed and systematic transfer options
  • Loyalty additions from 6th year
  • Life cover for the entire policy term


  • Select the duration of premium payment - Single Pay, 5 Pay, 10 Pay or Regular Pay 
  • Choose between two plan options - Premier or Online
  • In the event of death of the life assured, the nominee will receive the death benefit which will be higher of the following :
  • 1) Fund value
    2) Sum assured less partial withdrawals
    3) 105% of total premiums paid excluding service tax
  • Get Loyalty Additions every year from end of 6th policy year till maturity for both premier and online options, provided your policy is in force and all due premiums till date have been paid
  • On survival of the Life Assured till the end of the policy term, total fund value is payable
Premium Payment Type Single Pay 5 Pay 10 Pay Regular Pay
Premium Payment  Term (years) Single premium 5 10 Same as policy term
Minimum Policy  Term (years) 10 10 11 10
Maximum Policy  Term (years) 20 20 30 30
Minimum Age  at entry (years)* 0 (30 days) 0(30 days) 0(30 days) 0(30 days)
Maximum Age  at entry (years) 60/td> 54 60(policy term<= 25 years), 55 (policy term>25 years) 60
Annualized Premium (Rs.) 5,000 No limit, subject to maximum Sum Assured 18 65
Minimum age  at maturity (years) 18 years 18 years 18 years 18 years
Maximum age  at maturity (years) 80 74 80 80
Minimum Annualized  Premium (Rs) (PREMIER) 100,000 100,000 24,000 24,000
Minimum Annualized Premium (Rs) (ONLINE) 100,000 30,000 24,000 24,000