Non Life Insurance - Exceeded your health insurance limit? With top-up plan avoid pocket pay

Even if you have health insurance, it might not be enough!

In multiple cases, people have to pay from their pockets to clear hospital bills as they exceed the base amount of their health insurance. However, a simple way to avoid this is buying a top-up plan along with a health plan. In case you exceed the base amount of your health insurance, you can claim the rest from the top-up plan.

There are two kinds of top-up plans

Top-up plan: A top-up plan works on a per claim basis. That is, you can claim from the top-up only after you have exhausted your health insurance claim amount for a particular claim.

Super top-up plan: Now for super top-up plan, there is no threshold limit on per claim basis; it is applicable only after you have exceeded the total amount.

Now, if you have a 3 lakh super top-up policy along with your 2 lakh mediclaim, then in the first two cases, you will get the same benefit as a top-up plan. Plus for the third one, you can claim 2.5 lakh from the super-top plan. And pay the rest, i.e. 50,000, from your pocket.

Why buying a top-up plan is more beneficial than increasing the base amount for your health insurance plan?

"First of all, buying a top-up plan is simply more cost-effective than increasing the base amount for your health plan." Mashruwala added.

On average, the yearly premium amount for a top-up plan is 1,000 for every 1 lakh cover. In comparison, for a 30 to 35-year-old individual, the premium amount for a basic 3 lakh health plan would be around 6,000 per year.

Second, if you wish to increase the base amount of your health insurance plan then there is a yearly limit to it, which is determined by the insurer. Top-up plans don’t come with such conditions.

Source : Live Mint back